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Window Tinting

Car window tint or film is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET comes in a range of shades which is created by the amount of metal and dye within the film. This material is typically applied to the interior of car windows and allows certain types of light rays through while reflecting or absorbing others. Window tinting is highly popular as it provides UV protection, privacy and shade from the sunlight.


Headlight Tinting

Headlight tinting is a way of dimming, altering or enhancing the appearance of your car’s headlights. Vehicle lights, reflectors and indicators can all be tinted, and is a quick and cost-effective way of customising your vehicle. We offer a range of standard tinting films which can add style to any vehicle, and also offer a range of darkening shades. Although headlight tinting may seem simple, it is crucial you go to a company that has all the appropriate knowledge and legislation, to avoid any legal implications.


Chameleon Tints

Car window tint or film is typically made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This material is applied to the interior of car windows and allows certain types of light rays through while reflecting or absorbing others. Chameleon tint is a colour-changing tint which has coloured dye in the film. This dye is often of a purple, blue or green gradient and appears to change colour depending on the angle of light reflecting on it. Chameleon windscreen tint perfectly marries style with function to deliver aesthetically pleasing results that offer up to 99% UV protection.



PPF, or paint protection film, is a transparent layer or ‘wrap’ placed over a vehicle’s body panels. This type of protective film can protect your car or parts of your car against chips, rocks, road debris, scratches, scrapes and more. If you don’t choose full-vehicle PPF wrap, you may opt for select areas including side mirrors, leading-edge bonnets, full bonnets, bumpers, rocker panels, fender panels, door handle cavity and more.


Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping or car wrapping is a great way of changing the way your car looks, without the hassle of a complicated (and expensive) paint job. With vinyl wrapping, you can easily change the appearance of your car, either by changing its colour, adding a cool new design or giving it texture, such as matt or gloss. At Mind Mods, all of our vinyl wraps are custom-made to suit the tastes of each customer. This means that whatever your needs, we can give you the freedom to do it all. From custom prints with any image added to the wrap, right through to small commercial livery projects.


Alloy Wheel Refurb

As well as improving the aesthetics of your vehicle, alloy wheels can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance. This includes better handling, more resilience against shocks and a lower fuel economy for your car. Alloy wheels are known to last for 10+ years if maintained properly, which is why alloy wheel refurb is essential. Alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of repairing alloy wheels to give them a new lease of life. Whether you’ve noticed scrapes, feel a difference in your steering or have knowingly clipped a kerb – alloy wheel refurb could be the solution.

Our expert installers with decades of experience will tint, wrap and protect all models of cars.